Who Am I and Why Am I here

Hey There!

I am a learner, just like the rest of us, I am here to learn more and discover more about the world and about myself, through writing and expressing myself. I like to write, mostly poems and more than that, I love reading.

This blog is all about my thoughts and epiphanies, which I try to express in a creative manner through my poetry. So please take your time and read all that I have to say. Let me know about your take on my pieces through the comments and likes!


How do you do that, 
Share things, 
without feeling like you're oversharing? 
Asking for help, 
Asking for a hand, 
Asking for an embrace, 
Without feeling like you're asking for too much. 
We've made a lot of rules for civility. 
Don't say too much, 
Or you'll push them away. 
Don't share how you feel. 
You're just a depressed soul. 
Or seeking for attention. 
Snap out of it. 
You'll be fine. 
It's just a phase. 
Learn to be happy.

So Full of It

So full of it
She's so full of it
Overheard these words
Meant for me
Cannot deny this
For it's the truth
Beneath this layer 
Of hardened visage
Lies a heart
Underneath a layer of hardened rocks
Hardened over the years
As a result of coldness of the outside world
To stop the cold from entering within. 
My heart lies there
Full of love
Full of longing
So full of it
Just waiting for you 
To embrace it
To thaw it

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels


This wind,
The gale of affection,
Blew my feather away,
The one I often used,
to write my verses.
Passing through the fields of passion and turmoil of my heart,
It landed by your feet. 
And you picked it up,
Brushed off the dust,
And started writing your own verses. 
I wish this feather could speak,
For then it would tell you the things that I'm too coward to say,
It would ask you for another kiss that I'm too shy to ask for
It would also ask you, for a hug,
The one that I badly long for, 
While I watch you leave without turning back
It would ask for you to stay, 
Just for a second more, 
Or maybe an hour more, or the whole night. 
I wish I wasn't so wounded,
Wish I had the courage to say,
For there is so much I want to ask for,
So much more I want to know.
But for now, I just wish the feather speaks. 

Photo by Isaque Pereira from Pexels

My Arrogance

They say, 
That I'm arrogant. 
I've heard this, 
Time and again. 
And I've stopped correcting them, 
For I don't know, 
If its okay, 
To tell them, 
That it's not arrogance. 
It's the fear. 
The one that compels me, 
To close the door, 
To contain the torrid fire inside, 
So that it doesn't burn the world outside, 
But only me. 
The fear that entreats me, 
To keep the door shut. 
And Locked. 
Don't open, 
To the slightest creak on the porch, 
Or the loudest bang on the door. 
The one that warns me, 
Don't go out, 
Because your sunlight, 
Will only burn them, 
And they'll leave, 
And leave you burnt,  
More than you already are.

Photo by Stephan Seeber from Pexels

Of Mornings

I've read plenty of verses on the nighttime and it's beautiful silence
But not many talk about the early mornings. 
The serene mornings, 
That smell of new beginnings, 
Of promises of the day ahead. 
Of hopes, and catching dreams.
And the irenic smell of the morning brume. 
The early mornings,
Of quiet and peace,
Of mellifluous chirping of birds, 
And a comforting ease. 
Of all the bright places, 
Of the ice-blink glow of dawn. 
And the dulcifying sillage of calm and peace for me to last the whole day 

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

In The Woods

A crepuscular sky illuminated the evening. I observed how the cold wind bestrew the garden with leaves of the fall. 
Just then, a sudden thunder, accompanied by a loud clap, shook the firmament. The sky is on fire today, I wondered. 
Getting up from my chair, I walked to the back of the garden. The wind had a crisp smell betokening of rains. Beyond the garden, there was a jungle, that I’ve been meaning to explore since the day I arrived. I walked further, into the jungle, the trees started getting denser as I followed the rough trail.
To my surprise, I reached a pool of fresh clear water which was being fed by a small stream. I looked around to ensure no one was there. Stripping my clothes, I stepped into the water. I swam and splashed for a while, before emerging from the water. Lying down on the grass for a while, I closed my eyes, the chirping of birds surrounded me and the crisp smell of the mist engulfed me. 
When I awoke, it was starting to get dark. Dressing myself, I started back to the cottage. Just then, I heard a rustling of leaves, which disturbed the entrancing quiet of the jungle. I strained my eyes to focus, and there it was, covered in a shiny coat of grey fur. It bore a despondent look on its face. Taking a step forward, it emerged form the dark shadows. I stepped forward as well. 
“Hello there” I said, gently. The cat let out a faint meow and came by my foot. 
I gave a gentle rub on its head, to which it responded with a purr. 
“Come with me”, I said as I walked back to the garden. It stood up, on its feet, and followed me. 
Back at the cottage, dinner was ready. I asked the cook to make me some tea and bring out some chicken for my feline guest. That evening, we sat in the veranda, eating our supper in silence, as the rain poured down. 
In that isolated dull, hidden away from the chaos of rest of the world, I found a companion for myself, to dulcify my loneliness.

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels


How something 
That started of 
As so real and beautiful, 
Became so unreal. 
A horrifying memory,
I'm desperately trying to forget, 
As if it never happened. 
Tell me, 
What is it, 
That made you 
Fall out of love. 
Was it her smile, 
Which lit up 
Fires in your heart, 
Like yours did in mine. 
Was it same as mine, 
Or more beautiful, 
Did it feel same 
As it felt with me, 
Or different, 
And better. 
Was it my 
Constant neediness, 
That pushed you away. 
Or was it my impulsiveness.
Or was it me, 
Who didn't open 
Her eyes to the reality. 
Was it me, 
So stuck in the beauty 
Of what we had,
I forgot to look outside. 
To the reality. 

A Letter To My Younger Self


How are you.

Hope you’re doing good. That’s something that I can only hope and wish, because I know truly how you’re doing. There’s one thing I’d like to know though. If it is possible, do let me know when this letter found you. But I hope it finds you when you need it the most. I want to start off by saying, that keep going and don’t worry. Things will work out, you will get into a college. You will find people that will truly support you, but keep supporting yourself. Yes, be there for yourself, and please do me a favor and just hug yourself right now. Because that’s what you need to learn, to love yourself. That’s what we both need to learn. And do remember, even though I say things will work out, I want you to know, that it’s not going to be easy, and that’s why, I want you to learn to love yourself. Because through this journey of turmoil and uncertainty, the only person that you’re gonna need is yourself. Me. So I implore you to be gentle on yourself, be loving and listen to yourself. A few years from now on, when you’re out of the comfort and care of our home, you’ll have to be gentle towards yourself, because the world out here isn’t that soft. But don’t worry, because you have the most powerful person by your side, yourself. So hold your own hand, hug yourself and keep moving forward. 


Yours truly

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

When I felt dejected 
because of a low grade in the Tax Law paper,
Trevor Noah cracked me up,
 and made it alright.
When I felt alone and unloved,
Elif Shafak opened my heart 
and filled it with hope and warmth. 
When the days dragged on, 
and it all felt unbearable, 
Jhumpa Lahiri's words 
embraced me with open arms, 
When monotony of everyday lectures 
and endless submissions drained me,
I had the company of Rusty 
who took me on numerous adventures
through the Himalayan hills. 
It's true what they say
Not all heroes wear capes
Some just wear dust jackets and paperbacks. 

Photo by Min An from Pexels